Grounding: With the power of the Earth

Grounding is a practice of discharging negative energy that is applied by ancient cultures and, along with proper nutrition, sleep and physical activity, contributes to the improvement of human health and well-being.

Contact with the Earth helps the human body to generate electricity, which is responsible for proper communication of the nervous system with the brain. The signals that are transferred to the brain, are loads that are transported from cell to cell, while they are the ones that control the pulses of the heart, the blood circulation and, in general, the proper functioning of our organism.

The Grounding process is simple

In your body there are atoms composed of positive (+) charged protons, negative (-) charged electrons and neutrons that are neutral (±) and their balance is critical to the body’s functioning. The Earth, on the other hand, has a huge negative charge and always has an excess of electrons, while being a powerful source of antioxidant electrons. Nature has predicted so that the body will cooperate with the Earth in order to achieve the equilibrium mentioned above. So, when we step barefoot into the ground, we absorb large quantities of electrons through our feet.


The benefits of the Grounding process are numerous and people are increasingly appreciating them today, where everyday life and life in cities leave little room for contact with nature. The antioxidant action through grounding has the potential to reduce inflammation, relieve any kind of pain, improve sleep and calm the nervous system.

In Moving Minds Coaching, we trust the forces of nature and we created a groundbreaking Grounding Coaching © project that focuses on internal alignment with Grounding Techniques and improving Bio-Logic Operation.

In the specially landscaped garden and in the other areas of Moving Minds, we support individuals to decompress body and mind, gain consciousness, eliminate stress, build positive patterns of thought and balance their biological function. The balance that occurs in the body through contact and kinetic engagement with the Earth and the plants, contributes to the smooth functioning of the Holistic Self.

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