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What are Retreats & how do they work?

Sometime (until recently) people’s needs seemed to be expressed and fulfilled to a certain extent, within the narrow framework of human communities through their customs. What we now often call “tradition” or “traditional”, it was then was a living part of people’s real life.

Retreats (or in Greek Respite) are nowadays a fairly usual way, properly designed to meet a variety of needs arising from modern lifestyles, issues, difficulties, challenges, new and timeless quests of today’s man. Retreats can combine training, personal development, introspection, hobbies, interaction with the team and various, usually psychosomatic activities along with a respite from the usual rhythms of everyday life.

The capture of Retreats is not entirely new. A period of “respite” or “temporary withdrawal” occurs almost in all the spiritual practices and main religions of the world many centuries ago.

However, modern Retreats are not a religious practice, nor need to be identified with specific religions and religious beliefs, although they can sometimes adopt their elements, as well as general traditions and cultural heritage of mankind from all over the world! This makes them even richer and more interesting, as they help to broaden our horizons in and beyond our geographical borders.

There are many kinds of Retreats, so it’s important to look for and choose what you think and feel that suits you and you like better!

Regardless of the type of Retreat, good and valid training of trainers or facilitators along with good ethics (according to the codes of their recognized professional association) are the main and basic criteria for ensuring a good quality of this service.

The Retreats we offer are conducted by experienced and established facilitators.

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10 ώρες

Χώροι Διεξαγωγής

– Villa Armonia, Καστέλια Αμμοοπή Κάρπαθος


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