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Executive Coaching is a strategic tool for businesses that helps the organization and its leaders to develop their performances, while supporting so as to achieve an ever higher level of excellence. It is a vital process designed to unlock the natural advantages, courage, inspiration, leadership skills and resourcefulness of each individual.

Focusing on personal development, boundary widening, empowerment, and self-prompting we cause active participation of the Coachees*. With the method of challenging for the thought exchanges, leaders are mobilizing, exploring and exploiting the choices available. Where mobilization and impetus are needed to improve performance and enhance skills, support is provided through the process of focusing, recording and diagnosing needs with methodology and tools such as mBraining, Zoom In & Zoom Out and SF Model.

* The one who receives the coaching services is called a client or coachee.


The goal is to develop human skills and techniques that can improve personal performance, “opening” the paths of personal success and self-realization. With solution-focused methodology, not the Solution Focus approach, people are encouraged to approach their own inwardness. The Executive Coaching process, through a challenging approach, challenges the person’s belief system in order to be able to claim again Dreams, Goals and Destinations, with the key to Positive Thinking and Faith in His Strengths.

The Moving Minds team offers you a variety of Coaching inter-company programs that, when tailored to their own needs, can support executives or teams to show off abilities, develop skills and expose the best version of themselves.

Coaching has the power to transform employees, leaders, teams and entire organizations from simple good ones to excellent.

Fields of specialization in Executive Coaching by E. Nikolaidou

  • Career Path
  • Performance Management & Development
  • Leadership development
  • Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Self awareness, Personal Empowerment
  • Life purpose (purpose, goal, objective)
  • Communication – Connectivity – Exposure
  • Life balance (balancing personal and professional life – accountability)
  • Negative feelings (Fear, Anger, Stress)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Removing obstacles
  • Burn out
  • Time management (Important & Urgent)
  • Team Building
  • HRM Performance for HRM Managers
  • Change Management
  • Coaching skills for Executives

Questions and Answers on Executive Coaching:

They are empowerment programs and are aimed at executives who want to maximize their skills. They relate to human potential and the widening of their limits.

The applied process helps define personal goals and facilitates employee support efforts to enhance performance and promote development.

It requires an open, transparent and trustworthy relationship with the coach, it is outside the work cycle, but within the workplace, and working in a safe and trustworthy environment can be self-conscious and share problems and concerns.

When executives need to achieve optimal returns, a high level of work behavior, or face multiple challenges and changes in the work environment. Also, when they realize the drawbacks of their past performance or are invited to work as best as possible within groups and manage to meet predefined schedules.


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