Time Management Vs. Focus Management

“If there is any one secret to effectiveness, it is concentration”
Peter F. Drucker


The seminar “Time Management Vs. Focus Management” ,  lasts 8 hours, aims to demonstrate the similarities and differences between Time and Focus Management through active participation and experiential learning in order to provide a meaningful and profound understanding of the parameters that shape the organization and effectiveness of our time.

The daily routine of all of us is characterized by fast pace and our effectiveness depends greatly on our productive performance. The professional and / or personal challenges are there in order to distract us, gain our interest, monopolize our attention and “swallow” our time. Most of us feel that we are being under attack on all sides, that our energy is spent unnecessarily and we often complain about the lack of time that does not allow us to be consistent with our commitments or obligations.

So often, at the end of the day, we experience the phenomenon of personal weakness and physical exhaustion because our internal observer works critically and categorically and reminds us that we have not succeeded in completing all or part of our commitments.

In this seminar, we will approach self-management, focus and the constructive organization of our time with the tools and methods of coaching, focusing on the importance of targeting, its motives, timings and the various distractions of our effectiveness.

To whom it is addressed

The seminar of “Time Management Vs. Focus Management”is addressed to those who have a problem with managing time and everyday life, resulting in a strenuous procrastination process that often makes them counter-productive in every field. Also, the seminar concerns everyone and all those interested in learning a different approach to experiential learning and applied methodology in order to achieve the right organization of the day when faced with multiple challenges and distractions.

Potential Benefits

After the end of the seminar “Time Management Vs. Focus Management” participants will be able to:

1. Be more efficient and productive

2. Set up and achieve high personal and professional goals and not resign or be discouraged from the apparent lack of time.

3. Regain their perspective on time management.

4. Organize and effectively manage their time for their own benefit.

5. Prepare the so-called “To Do List”.

6. Focus on one goal at a time and match the goal with their energy.

7. Set deadlines

8. Set priorities

9. Achieve regaining powers

10. Avoid counter-productive distractions, creating productive distractions of their choice.

11. Recognize the forces that sabotage them and deviate them from the initial goal.

12. Establish a system of vital importance for the values, qualities and priorities of their lives.

Coach - Facilitator

Irini Nikolaidou, PCC

mBIT Certified Personal & Executive Coach | HRM & Communication Consultant HRM Business Mentor | Facilitator | Corporate Trainer

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8 hours


LΑΕΚ-ΟΑΕD 0,24%.

Meeting Venues

– Moving Minds Lab – 1 Paparigopoulou Str , Voula 16673 (see how to get there)

– Facilities of your choice, as long as the technical requirements of the seminar are met.

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