HR Manager: You as Coach

“Becoming a Change Agent of Your Organization”

How to act as a Change Agent of your formal and informal business structures.


The seminar “HR Manager: You as Coach” lasts 8 hours and has the ultimate goal of providing participants with the competencies and methodology of Coaching. Through this process, HRM Professionals will be able to produce the best practices and achieve hyper efficiency by maximizing the potential and performances of human capital in the context of their professional activity.

Given that the biggest challenges businesses face today are:


  • Increasing the employees’ PERFORMANCES individually and collectively
  • Activating FREE WILL for self – improvement and personal development and
  • Ensuring a positive climate and peace in the workplace

Coaching finds its role in this need-challenge labor market and manages to produce excellence and inspire change, not as a prerequisite and mandatory condition, but as a desirable evolutionary course and motivating dynamics.

To whom it is addressed

The seminar is addressed to Human Resources Managers, Human Resource Professionals, Human Resources Executives and Education Managers who wish to develop, grow or enhance their competencies of motivation, co-operation, leadership and communication as identified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC).

Potential Benefits

At the end of the HR Manager Seminar: You as Coach, the participants will be able to:

  1. Develop and cultivate Coaching competencies
  2. Develop further communicative and mild skills
  3. Release the best possible version of themselves and of the workers
  4. Make the working environment a place of work prosperity, development and sustainability
  5. Grow spirituality, autonomy and consciousness in their practices
  6. Inspire “leading by example”
  7. Encourage participation and innovation
  8. Maximize team and person performances
  9. Increase the clarity of roles and goals
  10. Solve differences by using the questioning method
  11. Establish a culture of positive attitude
  12. Act as change facilitators at all levels of the hierarchy of formal and informal structures of the organization


Irini Nikolaidou, PCC

mBIT Certified Personal & Executive Coach | HRM & Communication Consultant HRM Business Mentor | Facilitator | Corporate Trainer

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8 ώρες


LAEK-OAED 0,06%.

Meeting Venues

– Moving Minds Lab -1 Paparigopoulou Str , Voula 16673 (see how to get there)

– Facilities of your choice, as long as the technical requirements of the seminar are met.

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