“The Most Powerful Relationship You Will Ever Have Is The Relationship With Yourself.” Steve Maraboli


We are more than our thoughts and emotions. Everything that determines our existence is imprinted on our neurophysiology. Our body tells our story. Our mindset, our choices, our beliefs, our habits, our convictions and the ways we go about are reflected in our physical function over time and shape what we experience and what WE ARE..


Relationship with Self, Self Perception, Reality Perception, Acceptance through Important Others, Autonomy, Spontaneity and Recognition of Limits and Vulnerabilities are just some of the issues that will concern us in this unique masterclass.  


  • How often is your program overturned?
  • When are your interests shaken and as a consequence your faith and confidence to Yourself?
  • How do you get your attention achieveing better focus?
  • When do you step back and when do you go forward with confidence?
  • How do you reward your work and personal achievements and successes?
  • When do your values ​​conflict?
  • How often do your self-limitations deprive you peace and recognition?


Learn how to balance, define and balance between I WANT and NEED without any dispute and doubt.

Learn how to successfully establish anything you consider BIG (career change, starting a business, writing a book .. you know all these great things)

Learn how to bypass restrictive beliefs and broaden your reasoning ability.


What happens to our bodies when we experience defeat? When we are not happy with anything, when we forget to take a breath, when fear dictates us, when we do not live in the present moment?

With emphasis on the “here and now” we will practice in the:

  1. increase of efficiency by reducing internal demand
  2. conquer awareness and individual responsibility for better access and self-regulation of emotional flow
  3. take responsibility for what I think, express and do


Acceptance does not mean Compromise. Learning to negotiate with ourselves is an essential prerequisite and greatly determines the quality of our lives, both professional and personal. It is a fundamental skill for achieving inner harmony and happiness and, consequently, for professional success. After all, the best results, the greatest achievements, the strongest relationships and the deepest rewards in life, all come from acceptance and deeper understanding of the Self.

Understanding our personality, our limitations and the functioning of our senses, we are better connected to our inner selves and restore balance to our operating system.

  • When are you at your best?
  • When do you get the best results in your business goals?
  • Where do you draw inspiration, power and motivation from?
  • When do your relationship take off?


These and more questions will find answers and solutions in the interactive and inventive Coaching Workshop on “Self: Maybe I Ask too much?” A two-day experiential workshop, designed with the methodology and tools of coaching, aimed at challenging internal activation, with patterns of thoughts and behaviors that support the transformational process and assist the individual in the changes he or she wants or needs to make in his or her daily life, both in his professional career and in his life.

Let us go forward together!

With Moving Minds© techniques, participants become aware of their reality, potential, substance and range of choices, so they can redefine themselves withn the reference system, improve personal performance, and “open” avenues of professional and personal recognition and self-fulfillment.

To whom the Masterclass is addressed

Aimed at employees of all ages, backgrounds and experiences who want a creative and conscious change in their lives:

  • Small, Medium and Large Business Professionals
  • Leaders & Executives managing teams
  • HR Managers & Executives
  • Trainers & Coaches
  • Sales and Communication Executives – Digital Leaders
  • entrepreneur and individuals who want to enrich their experiences and knowledge with new tools and skills, with the potential of finding a suitable professional position


Coaching – as a learning and development tool – has seen a significant upward trend in recent years. One of the biggest challenges individuals and executives are facing today is the increase of their performance, their motivation to move forward, and activation and maintainance of their personal will and commitment.

The application of the Coaching methodology according to surveys ensures:

  • Increase of  self-awareness and self-consiousness
  • Identification of strengths
  • Improvement of behaviors and reactions
  • Focus on solving and finding a solution to a problem or challenge
  • Empowering action and challenge of change
  • Commitment and self-responsibility 

Potential Benefits

By the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Set and achieve high personal and professional goals
  • To highlight criteria and positive assumptions that contribute to the empowerment and self-actualization
  • Improve their performance and guide their mental functioning to achievement and success
  • Unlock their natural benefits with courage, inspiration, awareness and self-awareness
  • Understand the forces that guide human behavior and behavior
  • Get rid of negative emotions and situations that hinder success
  • Expand their comfort zone for new creative experiences
  • Redefine their relationship with their Unique Self.


Irini Nikolaidou, PCC

mBIT Certified Personal & Executive Coach | HRM & Communication Advisor | ΗRM Βusiness Mentor | Facilitator | Corporate Trainer

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12 hours


LΑΕΚ-ΟΑΕD 0,06%.

Meeting Venues

Moving Minds Lab – 1, Paparigolpoulou str., 16673 Voula (see the map)

– Facilities of your choice, as long as the technical requirements of the seminar are met.

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