ICF Converge 2019 | 23-26 October 2019



The most important coaching event of the year and the only official ICF World Conference by 2021, the ICF Converge 2019, took place from 23 to 26 October in Prague.

More than 900 coaches participated at this year’s conference.

This is a meeting of 932 coaches from 70 different countries on the planet, in an event that offers the opportunity to meet great professionals and connect with the global coaching community.

Irini Nikolaidou, PCC, Certified mBIT Team & Executive Coach, participated at the conference in her capacity of President of the ICF Greece Chapter for 2018. Today she is a board member as past president and also responsible of the Committee on Ethics and Professional Standards for 2019.

Sara Smith, Ann Rindone, Irini Nikolaidou, Magda Mook, Maria Margeta, Kryista Tzelepi Halka Balackova, Bermard Lacoste, Marilyn W. Atkinson, Irini Nikolaidou, Ann Bois.Gaurav Arora, Katarina Kanelidou, Tuncel Gulsoy, Irini Nikolaidou.


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