Group Coaching “Upgrade Your Mindset” | 9th of February 2022



The moment you change your perception is the moment
you rewrite the chemistry of your body.
Bruce Lipton

Even if we live in a certain way for many years, we can change our perspective our reasoning programming, our way of thinking and consequently our mindset, in order to create choices that have meaning and value for us.


On February 9, Moving Minds, in collaboration with ProSeminars, held a 4-hour online Group Coaching Session, with Irini Nikolaidou, PCC, CMC Coach.


A seminar with experiential and participatory character, which encouraged the exchange of personal ideas and opinions & the development of dialogue and reflection. By observing existing attitudes and behaviors, participants were able to identify needs & expectations, and explore beneficial ways for sustainable change and self-realization.

- eirini, ,

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