ENERGY LINE CONFERENCE – 14th Conference “Aluminum & Architectural Constructions | 1-3 November 2019



The 14th Conference on “Aluminum & Architectural Constructions” will take place at the Zappeion Palace, 1 – 3 November 2019, under the auspices of the Association of Greek Aluminum Manufacturers.

Irini Nikolaidou, in the framework of the event, will be participating with an oral presentation with title “Inspiration – Creation – Development” and will also present two Group Coaching.

In detail, her participation in the conference program:

  • Saturday 2/11, 1.40 pm | Speech entitled “Inspiration – Creation – Development”
  • Saturday 2/11, 3.15 – 3.45 pm | Group Coaching on “What do I Need to Know About the 4th Industrial Revolution and the changes it marks in the labour market” (Room 11/12 / OPEN SPACE)
  • Saturday 2/11, 6: 6.30 pm | Group Coaching on “What I Need to Know About Leadership and Culture Change in the Workplace” (Room 11/12 / OPEN SPACE)

See the conference’s agenda and curriculum here.



Irini Nikolaidou is a Professional Certified Coach-PCC by ICF, Certified mBIT Executive & Team Coach, Mentor, HRM Change Strategist and Corporate Facilitator.

Moving Minds is Sponsor of the 14th Conference “Aluminum & Architectural Constructions”


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