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Moving Minds means “Minds on the Move” (from the Greek «Νόες εν κινήσει»). The idea was born through the need and desire to empower people around me, so that they reach personal and professional success and fulfillment. It denotes the dynamic and evolutionary thinking and it is my ideal way to translate values, ideals and beliefs into everyday personal and professional practice.

In a center specially designed to encourage a turn to inwardness, with the methods and tools of Coaching, we activate the will and focus on the Hyper efficiency.

Through empirical and experiential processes, we understand the importance of having strong will and faith in our powers, so that we can realize our dreams and gain our needs and desires.

We build relationships based on trust and mutual understanding, we learn to offer love without waiting for something in return, share thoughts and beliefs without an ulterior motive, enjoy life and the gifts of each moment, not be afraid of the truth as hard as it may be, express our feelings and relieve human suffering, knowing WHERE and with WHOM we are each time.

Irini Nikolaidou

Our Purpose, is

In Moving Minds Coaching our purpose is to release the dynamics, qualities and inclinations of each individual for further personal and professional development and progress.

The Moving Minds team  urges you to trust it, whether you are an Organization or an individual, since it provides Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching, services, always tailored to your needs and requirements.


Our vision, is

“Try to project values, principles and beliefs that shaped you in what you are today and enlighten everyone around you, with everything that lightens your life, all these years. Nothing less, nothing more than what you do every day in your life, to make it more beautiful, more humane and more substantial.

Lure others with you in this journey of pleasure and magnanimity. Expel the anxieties and the petty delusions from their lives, and give them power and will, encouragement and love, to see beyond what suffocates them, oppresses them, tortures them.

Open the windows of their mind to pass the light of the new day, of change and optimism. Close the shutters of their souls so that the melancholy and depression that looms stay in the dark. Get them to enjoy what they have won with such effort and struggle. Tomorrow is a new day.

Stabilize their stature and balance in the system.

Manage wisely the power that these people gave you and build a beautiful and successful world without anxiety.

As they envision it. ”

From Irini to Irini, February 9, 2006

Our mission, is

In Moving Minds Coaching our mission is to design, create and deliver programs and high quality personal development and self-improvement programs, working with professionalism, responsibility and an anthropocentric approach to our relationships with customers, associates and employees.

With respect to nature and the natural environment, in our facilities at 1 Paparigopoulou Street in Voula Παπαρηγοπούλου 1 στη Βούλα we combine professional organization and functionality with harmony and aesthetics. In the lovely and lush garden of Moving Minds Lab, personal and group sessions, meetings, seminars, workshops and special decompression programs take place through grounding techniques.

Irini Nikolaidou

irini-nikolaidouProfessional Certified Coach – PCC by ICF

Certified mBIT Personal & Executive Coach, HRM & Communication Consultant, HRM-Business Mentor, Facilitator and Advisor in Enterprise and Adult Education Programs

Professional Certified Coach – PCC by ICF, Certified mBIT Personal & Executive Coach, HRM & Communication Consultant, HRM-Business Mentor, Facilitator and Advisor in Enterprise and Adult Education Programs.

With more than 25 years of working experience and professional career in managerial positions of large companies, such as Administrative, Human Resources Management and Communications, she specielizes in specializing in Coaching, HRM Mentoring, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Change Facilitation and Personal Empowerment for corporate leaders at all levels; including C-suite/senior executives, mid-level leaders, emerging leaders and high potentials.

She has a high degree of specialization in the areas of Self-Knowledge, Personal Development and Counseling, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Change Management, E.Q., Strategy and Organization. As Corporate Trainer, Change Facilitator and Executive Coach, she provides coaching sessions to executives and teams and participates in training schemes for coaching workshops and seminars. She applies Solution Focused & m-Braining approaches & techniques for organizations and business settings. She has trained more than 2.500 executives, having spent more than 1.800 coaching hours and 700 mentoring hours.

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