COACH NOW 2020 | Hybrid Conference “Coaching & Leadership” | 3 October 2020



COACH NOW 2020 took place on October 3 at the Domotel conference center in Kastri.

The event was attended by international speakers & experienced professionals: Kathryn Pope, Tunde Erdos, David Wondra, Giannis Kalogerakis, Anastasia Moira, and Olga Papatriantafyllou, while Konstantia Palla, President of ICF Greece 2020 addressed a greeting.

In a hybrid environment, through live attending in three different rooms and live streaming, the conference was organized by Barbara Asimakopoulou and coordinated by Natasa Koumbourelou and Claire Venetsianakou.

In the context of the conference, Irini Nikolaidou gave an interview and presented the topic of Internal Leadership. Click the link to watch it.

The event concluded with a panel by the first group of alumni of the “CSTP -Coaching Skills & Practices” 2 and 3 training program, a revealing discussion of how coaching changed their lives.

Irini Nikolaidou, PCC, CMC, who acted as Mentor and Coach Observer for the ICF ACSTH CSTP training program – “Coaching Skills & Tools in Practice”, moderated the discussion.

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